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Darth Rotation Triptych on the wall

I’d like to thank Chris for taking a picture of the final paintings on his wall for me. I felt really cheeky bugging him for some photo’s. I had some romantic notion I’d be able to get images of all my paintings sitting proudly in situ in future. This may be a logistical nightmare, but I guess I would just love to get a sense of how they look on peoples walls.

First commission proper

After showing a few people at work the Trilogy Triptych piece I received my first commission. It was a secret birthday present for Chris (whom I work with.)

There was a bit of back and forth via e-mail with his partner Jill. We finally decided upon 3 images of Darth Vader giving the impression that his head was turning when viewing these side by side.

Each of the paintings are 12″ x 12″ Oil on Canvas.

Back from the framers

So the first Triptych was finally complete. It had been varnished and it was time for it to be framed before being handed over to the client Matt (who had been very, very patient :))

Once I got it back, I called Matt up to collect it and I think he was pretty happy with the results. It did look pretty good in the frame. Hopefully soon I’ll get a picture of it in situ on Matt’s wall for a future post.

Posting on the Internet

A good friend of mine, Leigh and his wife Shannon were round at my apartment one night and Leigh took this picture with his i-phone.

I posted it on the net and the feed back was great. 3 people were keen for me to contact them, as they were possibly interested in finding out if I’d be up for doing more.

I have contacted one of them so far and have just finished the commission for them (images to follow once they have recieved and are happy with the final results.) I will get in touch with the other 2 shortly and am Currently Accepting Commissions :)

Trilogy Triptych

Once the Stormtrooper was completed and I’d shown a few people, I really felt it would look better as part of a Triptych. There was a slight dilemma however, being a bit of a cheap sod I had already agreed to swap the Stormtrooper painting in return for a mate to take my wedding photographs. Between the time the original piece had been completed, I had also been involved in making an XBox live Indie Game with a friend. That ate up a good 8 months of my spare time. Having still not given up the original painting for the wicked wedding photography and now having my spare time back I decided I needed to pull my finger out and get the Triptych rocking and framed to make up for the 8 month gap.

It seemed pretty obvious to me that the other portraits needed to be of Star Wars characters that had helmets. Darth Vader was a no brainier, and then Boba Fett seemed to be the character who would best fit the final slot.

At the time I had to make the decision to remove Boba Fett’s range finder. Something that was pointed out to me when I posted the final images on the internet. But for reasons which should be quite clear, something sticking up out from his helmet would have really thrown out the balance of things.

Also due to a very poor decision on my part the Stormtrooper had a bit of creep coming through due to a very silly choice in outlining the image on the canvas originally (a mistake I won’t make again!). This had to be fixed so the final image is slightly different from how it looked originally.

Each of the paintings are 12″ x 12″ on canvas.

Here are the results of the first triptych.

The obligatory first post

Well I have been putting this off long enough! The time has come to set up a blog.

I have finally got back into painting in oils for the first time in some 13 years. I must admit that despite some early fear of failure, I have got back into the swing of things pretty quickly and am very happy with the results and the feedback my work has been getting.

The internet as I know it today was nothing like this when I graduated from art college all those years ago. I had a spell of 2-3 years doing commissions and trying to sell paintings in a few galleries. But it sadly didn’t quite pan out as I had hoped.

For the last 10 years I have been working as an artist in the video games industry. It’s not all been bad and it has allowed me to achieve my main goal in life. Now that has been achieved my desire to get back into traditional art has been re-ignited.

For the last year or so I have been hoovering up an amazing selection of images of representational art (mainly from American artists) and I have been inspired to create art again.

However in a twist of fate one of the first images I did in my traditional art Renaissance has opened up a very unexpected path. So with a bit of hesitation I have decided to grab this opportunity and run with it.

I am at the start of a new art journey and this is the image that started it off.

12″ x 12″ Oil on Canvas.


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