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I Used To Skate Once 7 – The Exhibition


Last night I had my latest painting on display as part of the “I Used to Skate Once 7″ show.
It was held at The Zoo, in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.

There were some incredible works on display and it was a real privilege to be included in the line up.

This was my first painting on a skate deck, again it’s something I have been meaning to do for quite
a while now, and it won’t be the last :)

Amazingly my deck was sold within the first hour of the show, and I believe it was the 3rd sale
of the evening.

I’d like to thank Matt from The Outpost for allowing me to be one of the exhibiting artists.

Christian who bought my work. I met him briefly and he was a top bloke. Thanks for the support!

And last but not least Stuart Arrowsmith for telling me about the exhibition,
and for the fantastic photography, yet again :)

Here are a few shots from last night:

On the wall

On the wall

Art lovers

“As Worldly Pleasures Wave Goodbye…”
Oil on Skate Deck





The Mysterious iconic:a with Christian.
Thank you once again for buying the piece.
It makes all the many hours spent in front of the easel so much more worth while.

As Worldly Pleasures Wave Goodbye…


Yesterday, I handed my skate deck in for the “I Used to Skate Once 7″ Exhibition here in Brisbane.

My entry is entitled “As Worldly Pleasures Wave Goodbye…” which is inspired by a track on
the “Stay Down” album by the Two Lone Swordsmen (Click the link for more info)

I have been meaning to do a painting inspired by this album since I actually bought it way back in
1998. However I have only really managed to get round to it now.

This does mark the very first Deep Sea Diver painting I have done, and this will be a regular theme in my work from now on.

Before handing the deck into The Outpost for last nights show, my good friend Stuart Arrowsmith
was kind enough to once again take some amazing photographs of my work.

Footlocker Art Prize – Some Underpainting WIP images

Ok, I get it!!! Enough with this Footlocker Art Prize already.
This will be my last post on this subject, unless I manage the impossible and get my work in the final exhibition, which of course is my main goal with this whole exercise.

So until my next update, here are some shots of the Grisaille underpainting phase of my painting.
This was the point where my underpainting was complete and it was time to move onto the colour phase.

Hopefully someone may get something from these images.

Footlocker Art Prize – Entry has now been dropped.

“Not For The Birds”
17″ x 24″
Oil On Linen

I have just submitted my entry for the Footlocker Art Prize, and have just seen it appear in the gallery.
So I can freely add it to my blog now. Here is my entry and a few detail shots also.
Thanks once again to Stuart Arrowsmith Blog for the photography :)

If any of you would like to go to the Footlocker Art Prize website,
and seek out my entry in the gallery section. My entry should be in among all the other incredible entries.

All I need to do is send this off via courier service first thing tomorrow morning and hope that it gets to Sydney by end of play on Monday.

I Used To Skate Once 7


Well I have been very, very busy as of late and things are now slowly being revealed.

On Thursday 23rd June I will have a piece in the “I Used To Skate Once 7″ Exhibition here in Brisbane.

See the below  flyer for information. Looks like they left the best for last ;)



The World’s Richest Colouring Competition

This blog in the main is all about my original content, and I do have some new work ready to drop.
Alas there has been a slight hiccup, and I am currently waiting on the magazine editorial work
I did to be published. More on that when I find out what is happening myself. I am pretty excited
to see my hard work in print.

But that work is all in the past, and I have moved on to a new project which I am currently very
busy working on. There are exactly 12 days for me to get this work finished, photographed
and sent off to Sydney.

For obvious reasons I won’t be showing my final piece until the time is right, but I am really
hoping that I can get my work into the top 25 and shown in the final exhibition in Sydney.
The $50,001 dollar first prize would be incredible. But realistically my main goal is to get into
the final exhibition and increase my exposure.


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