Pop Art done well

Boris Karloff

Work on the wall at the aMBUSH gallery in Sydney

Well last night was the opening night of the HYPER REALITY DIMENSION XX group show.
Exhibition continues daily until 22 April, 12-4pm
aMBUSH Gallery

Thanks to Sara Sweet via Twitter for the image.
I’ll be posting more from the show when I get my hands on them.

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein – Finished

This was varnished last night and photographed early this morning.

Once again, I have learnt a lot doing this painting. Made some mistakes that I will carry over into my next painting. Hopefully not repeating them again.

But rather than just worrying about the mistakes like I may have done in the past. I called it finished and it is time to move on to the next painting and hopefully I will continue to improve.

I am just going to continue doing this sort for work for a while longer and slowly work on my concepts and ideas for my personal work.

12″x12″, Oil on Canvas.


On the easel

Back to more iconic:a related matters.

I am now in a bit of a rush to get as many pieces done in time for Christmas, and hope that some of
these catch someone’s eye as a Christmas gift!!! :S

Here are two pieces I am currently working on, both again are 12″ x12″, Oil on Canvas. Both shots are very much WIP.

The Christopher Lee as Dracula piece has just been finished, oiled out and given two coats of varnish. More images to follow.

The other painting is Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s monster, if that wasn’t already obvious :)

My painting technique these days is very much done using the Flemish Method, and I pretty much always start with a Ebauche/Monochromatic underainting. I had planned to add colour to these, but my wife felt they would have more impact being left monochromatic and I agree.


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