Pop Art done well

Classic Movie Monsters

Work on the wall at the aMBUSH gallery in Sydney

Well last night was the opening night of the HYPER REALITY DIMENSION XX group show.
Exhibition continues daily until 22 April, 12-4pm
aMBUSH Gallery

Thanks to Sara Sweet via Twitter for the image.
I’ll be posting more from the show when I get my hands on them.

Dracula comparison

I posted a painting of Christopher Lee as Dracula at then end of last year. Thankfully the painting sold. However when an opportunity arrived for me to have some work included in a group show, I was wishing it hadn’t. So I was left with the Frankenstein, and I needed to do another 3 paintings to complete the series. That meant re-painting the Dracula one. I felt the original one had a decent likeness. However a comment made when I posted it on another site stuck in my head “I know its Lee, but I see a little Nic Cage in there too. Sadly.”

So with that in mind I had to grit my teeth and re-paint it. This second one seemed a lot more laboured and is less loose and painterly. But it took far less time. I just hope I managed to get the likeness a bit more spot on. Anyway I’ll let you decide here are the 2 versions.


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