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Oil Painting

Stormtrooper 18″ x 18″ Oil on Canvas

This is fresh off the easel this morning. It has been oiled out and is awaiting the final coat of varnish once it is fully dry.

This piece is 18″ x 18″ Oil on canvas and is available for purchase if anyone is interested.
Just head over to the available work section of the blog.





Jabba in Adidas (Version II)

I have recently finished this piece, which should be getting turned into a limited edition print by a company called Stupid Krap. More news to follow on that.

Until then here is the underpainting and the finished piece.

Jabba in Adidas completed Underpainting

Jabba in Adidas_Version II_Colour
24″ x 18″
Oil on canvas

Docotor Who #4 Commission is now finished

The painting of my most recent commission is now finished, so I thought I’d share it.
I still need to oil it out and varnish it. But for all intents and purposes, it’s done and can now be shown.

As usual here are some shots of the Grisaille Underpainting and the final coloured painting.

This is 12″ x 12″ Oil on Canvas





The first of 5 Wizard of Oz characters are now finished

I’ve just finished adding the colour to these, so here they are.

“Wicked Witch of the West”
12″x 12″
Oil on canvas

“Cowardly Lion”
12″x 12″
Oil on canvas

Wizard of Oz underpaintings

It’s been a while since I last updated. I have been really snowed under with paintings lately. Here are a few things I can show for now.

Currently among many other things I’m working on are a series of 5 Wizard of Oz characters. These 2 have recently reached the completed grisaille underpainting stage. I’ve already begun adding the colour, so I’ll be able to show the completed pieces shortly.

Blog_Wicked Witch

Blog_Cowardly Lion

Mr. Spock is now complete

12″ x 12″ Oil on canvas

Captain Kirk to follow to make the set.

Trilogy Triptych on the wall

A huge thanks to Jordan, for sending me a picture of these paintings sitting proudly on the wall, all the way from Perth, Western Australia.

Blog_On the wall

Blog_On the Wall 02

Mr. Spock underpainting is now complete

The underpainting is now finished on this, so I thought I’d share.

As usual this is 12″ x 12″ Oil on canvas.

Blog_Underpainting Complete

Blog_Finished Underpainting



“Not for the birds” on the wall

My good friend Stuart Arrowsmith sent me a picture of the painting sitting on his wall.

Blog_On the wall

As it turns out Puma are releasing a trainer that looks almost exactly like the design I did in this painting.
Now obviously I borrowed the colour way from the New Balance 575 White Pigeon by Staple design. So I am in no way claiming it is an original concept.

Some more in depth info and a brand new set of photos have arrive for the Staple x Puma Clyde “Pigeon” design. The Puma Clyde silhouette used for the project is of the “Made in Japan” persuasion, meaning that the sneaker will be clocking in at $200. Also inevitably driving up their desirability: there are only some 500 pairs worldwide. Check out the first in depth images of the Staple x Puma Clyde Suede “Pigeon” right after the jump and watch for these sneaks to release next Wednesday, April 17th at Reed Space in NYC. And if you can’t make it don’t fret too much, as a handful of other spots across the globe will get their pairs in on May 3rd.

Here is the sneaker from my painting:
Blog_Footlocker entry

and some shots of the new sneaker:


puma clyde x staple - pigeon


Stormtrooper (Blue)

Stormtrooper (Blue),
Oil on Canvas,
12″ x 12″,

Some shots of my most recently completed painting.

Blog_On the wall_03

Blog_Stormtrooper blue

Blog_Stormtrooper detail

Blog_Stormtrooper detail_02

The Outpost presents: “I USED TO SKATE ONCE” 8

This has been sitting in draught form for over a month. I completely forgot to post it!

Here is a video from the “I Used To Skate Once” 8 Exhibition.
If you look hard enough you may see my deck at around the 00:39 mark.

Here are some bonus pictures from the night itself.

Work on the wall at the aMBUSH gallery in Sydney

Well last night was the opening night of the HYPER REALITY DIMENSION XX group show.
Exhibition continues daily until 22 April, 12-4pm
aMBUSH Gallery

Thanks to Sara Sweet via Twitter for the image.
I’ll be posting more from the show when I get my hands on them.

Dracula comparison

I posted a painting of Christopher Lee as Dracula at then end of last year. Thankfully the painting sold. However when an opportunity arrived for me to have some work included in a group show, I was wishing it hadn’t. So I was left with the Frankenstein, and I needed to do another 3 paintings to complete the series. That meant re-painting the Dracula one. I felt the original one had a decent likeness. However a comment made when I posted it on another site stuck in my head “I know its Lee, but I see a little Nic Cage in there too. Sadly.”

So with that in mind I had to grit my teeth and re-paint it. This second one seemed a lot more laboured and is less loose and painterly. But it took far less time. I just hope I managed to get the likeness a bit more spot on. Anyway I’ll let you decide here are the 2 versions.

Hyper Reality Dimension XX – Update

My “Godzilla Attack” painting was finished this morning. I still need to oil it out, varnish, paint the edges black and get the hanging wires added. But the main work itself is done.
Alas my ability to take good photo’s of my work is still quite poor currently. But I can assure you it looks a lot better in the flesh.

It will be on show here:
Opening night Thursday 19 April, 6-9pm
Exhibition continues daily until 22 April, 6-9pm
aMBUSH Gallery, Sydney

I am very excited to be showing my work along side so many talented artists.

30″x24″, Oil on Canvas.

Head Detail

Godzilla-On the easel

This is my main piece for the Hyper Reality Dimension XX show later this month.
The underpainting was finished today, just needs a colour and refinement pass now.

30″x24″ Oil on Canvas

Pepe the King Prawn commission

On the back of the Kermit the Frog and Fozzy Bear paintings I did, I got a commission to do a painting of Pepe the King Prawn for a birthday present. This was received by the client yesterday and I can finally post it on here. Australia post took an age to get this to the client so thank you Matt for your patience, and I am glad it was well received when it finally got there.

As always here are some shots of how the art work turned out.

12″x12″ Oil on Canvas

Head detail

Custom chain detail

Here is a bonus picture of the underpainting before any colour pass was applied. I must admit I love painting with this method.

4 More marios

I am really starting to crank out paintings a lot faster these days. I will be doing a lot more non iconica stuff very soon, but until then here are some Mario character underpaintings I am working on just now. The underpainting has just been finished, and I am just about so start adding colour and will hopefully have these finished soon.

I have dialled back the impasto stuff on these ones, and am going to colour them a little bit differently than the previous ones.

these are all 10″x10″ Oil on canvas.

Yoshi commission

This is another commission of another painting I have done in the past. It was done for a Christmas present, and is a bit larger than the previous one I had done. Here are a few images including some underpainting stages.


Underpainting detail.

12″x12″ Oil on Canvas.

Lego Spaceman commission

I learnt that this commission was received by the client yesterday. This was a belated birthday present and I hope that it was well received.

A nice story behind this is that this commission came about as the clients mother in law owns the “Pollen Catcher” hummingbird painting I did. Sadly the original version of the Lego Spaceman I did had already sold, and it was felt best if I could re-do this one as close as possible to the previous one on my blog.

I’m looking forward to possibly seeing this hanging on the office wall.

12″x16″ Oil on Canvas.



Kermit and Fozzie are now complete

12″x12″, Oil on Canvas.

12″x12″, Oil on Canvas.

I have recently moved home, and things have been a little chaotic. But I am back up and running again. These 2 paintings have just been varnished and are now fully finished.

Muppet Portraits – WIP

I have a lot of different paintings on the go currently. My painting process these days involves doing a grisaille underpainting first. For some reason painting in an indirect fashion like this works so much better than alla prima/ wet in wet painting, well for me anyway :)

As is the norm at the moment I am learning lots of valuable lessons in the art of oil painting and my mediums and the certain paints I am using are really starting to speed up my work flow. I feel my work is slowly getting better and hopefully this can only lead to more painting confidence in the future.

Here are a few WIP paintings of Kermit and Fozzie Bear from the Muppets. These are both 12″x12″ Oil on Canvas.

On the easel



21 of 21 Mario Characters are now complete

Way, way back in March, I posted 12 of the 21 Mario characters in this series.
I am ashamed to say that it has taken me up ’til now to complete these. But in my defence I have been doing other art work and these have not been high priority. But they are finished now and now I can show the whole series together.

Amazingly these have proven extremely popular, and I don’t want to be know as the guy who paints Mario characters!!!! But I can’t rule out doing more of these in the future.

Mario antagonists triptych

This triptych is the last 3 paintings in a (far too) long running series of Mario Characters I have been doing.
These have finally been finished, and are just about to be sent off to a collector in New York.

As with all paintings in this series, each one is 8″ x 8″, Oil on Canvas.

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein – Finished

This was varnished last night and photographed early this morning.

Once again, I have learnt a lot doing this painting. Made some mistakes that I will carry over into my next painting. Hopefully not repeating them again.

But rather than just worrying about the mistakes like I may have done in the past. I called it finished and it is time to move on to the next painting and hopefully I will continue to improve.

I am just going to continue doing this sort for work for a while longer and slowly work on my concepts and ideas for my personal work.

12″x12″, Oil on Canvas.



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